Real PBR Physically Based Realtime Rendering

Real PBR – Physically Based Realtime Rendering.
Developed by PlaySys.

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Need a 32-bit HDRI for your render?

Free updates. Single time payment.

Real HDR is the easiest way to create high quality and high-resolution HDR images to be used as skyboxes in your 3D productions. Download the program, build your lighting scenario and import it in your favorite 3D software.

€89.99 for a perpetual license

Need a photometric IES light?

We can help with that too.

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to create your own photometric .ies file you are in the right place (but you are on the wrong website). Click the button below to get redirected to our other 3D lighting utility for your 3D productions.

€59.99 for a perpetual license