User Interface of Real Physically Based Rendering

By October 29, 2019 Software Development

Today there is some news on the User Interface of Real PBR. You can surely spot the glossy style like in the good ol’ times.

Real PBR Material Editor

There are also new slots in the material including a Metalness Map that in future will be derived by a single channel of an RGB map like a Red channel of a Master Texture. I am not sure I want a Master though since I don’t like the idea of the Emission Map packed in a single channel and multiplied by a flat color. These days I am playing with the super-duper Borderlands 3 and there are so many blinking lights of different colors…”Unreal Engine” you’d say, fair enough, but still, I don’t want to limit the 3D artists to a single luminosity value * color value.
So, long story short, this is why in Real PBR there is a Map for the Metalness and an RGB Map for the Self Illumination.


Real PBR Camera Settings

There are few changes in the Camera Settings as well, where I have now obtained a more suitable range of the parameters. The Shutter Speed will drive the Motion Blur behavior while the Aperture will manage the Depth of Field. Everything is on my list and is a matter of priorities and free time now.


Real PBR Scene Structure

The new User Interface style is visible in the Scene Structure. This is an important part of Real PBR since the user can find here all the meshes in the project.
I added a show/hide command as well as a lock to prevent accidental mistakes.
Once again, common functionalities, but somebody has to do them.

Behind the scene – even if I have a long road in front of me before being able to publish the first open beta – I am also working on the licensing system that will be similar to Real HDR and Real IES. Thanks to Ville Niemi for borrowing me his 3D model for my development experiments!

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