Real PBR Raytracing Preview

By March 16, 2021 May 26th, 2023 Software Development

As a software developer deeply immersed in the world of rendering technology, I’m thrilled to share a glimpse of Real PBR, my new tool that pushes the boundaries of real-time raytracing rendering. This project has been an exciting and technically challenging endeavor, where my team and I have dedicated countless hours to harnessing the full potential of this cutting-edge solution.

Real PBR builds upon the robust foundation of the PlaySys Interaction Framework, a versatile platform that serves as the backbone for seamless integration. Our goal has been to provide a high-performance rendering by leveraging the framework’s capabilities.

In our latest video, I’m excited to showcase the extraordinary results that Real PBR achieves. Prepare to be astounded as you witness the convergence of lifelike realism, dynamic lighting effects, and immersive environments, all rendered in real-time using raytracing techniques. To give you a taste of what Real PBR is capable of, I invite you to watch the Real PBR Raytracing Preview video below:

Real PBR takes advantage of raytracing compatible hardware (in my case nVidia RTX) to deliver stunning visual fidelity. Through the integration with the PlaySys Interaction Framework, Real PBR seamlessly incorporates lighting workflows, resulting in lifelike scenes that hopefully may captivate the viewer. The framework has already proven its worth in our Real HDR tool.

To better understand the pivotal role of materials and render settings in achieving optimal results, we have taken user feedback to heart (note to self: acquire more feedback). The Material Settings panel is undergoing a significant revamp, expanding its capabilities and providing better customization options. Additionally, I am working hard to refine the Render Settings panel, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in real-time rendering scenarios.

While the development journey of Real PBR has presented technical challenges and complexities, we remain committed to delivering a high-quality tool that surpasses expectations. Our focus is on striking a balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that Real PBR empowers developers and artists without compromising their budgets.

Look at this Real PBR Raytracing Preview image below, isn’t it cool?

Real PBR Raytracing Preview

A glimpse of Real PBR in action.

With its cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to realism, Real PBR is poised to push further the real-time raytracing rendering possibilities for 3D artists. Join me on this journey as I experiment more and now, time for a conclusive payoff: Experience the future of rendering with Real PBR, where real-time raytracing opens up new possibilities for lifelike visuals and immersive virtual worlds.