Real PBR Raytracing Preview

By March 16, 2021 May 6th, 2021 Software Development

Real PBR tool for raytracing rendering is definitely one of the most difficult tools we are working on. The task of extending the PlaySys Interaction Framework features to function as a layer underneath is surely as much challenging as it is technically fascinating, but takes time both for the architecture and implementation.

In this new video I am showing how Real PBR works, introducing for the first time a real preview of our upcoming tool for real-time ray tracing rendering.

One of the relevant aspects of this video is the lighting workflow that is using part of the PlaySys Interaction Framework control features that we developed for Real HDR tool.

There will be a major revamp of the Material Settings that looks pretty limited at the moment, and a massive amount of time is going to be invested in the Render Settings panel.

Unfortunately the development of Real PBR is not quick as planned at the beginning of this journey but we are doing our best to guarantee efficiency of the tool keeping its cost as much contained as possible. In any case I think that the goal that we achieved is impressive for our development team.

Real PBR Raytracing Preview

A detail of Real PBR tool in action.